• “When we want something, we do our research to find the best of that thing we want. Infertility specialists are no exception. My husband and I had been trying for 10 years, 8 years before my OB told me, “you’ve got to stop, and seek a different route. This just isn’t working.” For the last 2 years we researched and fought to find the perfect infertility specialist in our area. But quickly came to realize we would have to expand a little out of our city. We first came across Easy Bay Fertility in 2010, and thought “this is too good to be true” so kept looking. The more we looked, the more frustrated and depressed we became because all we wanted to do was have a baby, not spend the amount it would cost for a brand new car off the lot! So in September of 2012 we said we are just going to do it, we’re going to see Dr. Andrew at East Bay in Provo, 2 hours out of our way. That was our first step, to the best decision of our lives. We weren’t treated like a number, we didn’t see money signs in their eyes as we came in, their staff was awesome. I loved every appointment walking in and having them say “Hello Shana and Diego” instead of “you have an appointment? What’s your name?”- Their prices are beyond competitive – best out there, their knowledge of infertility and treatments are top notch, and their success rates outstanding. After that first consult, we left there knowing that we were going to get the help we needed to have a baby. I would recommend 100%, hands down to anyone trying to conceive to go to East Bay Fertility and Wellness Center –We are expecting our first bundle of joy in April and we couldn’t be happier! We couldn’t have done it without their help. We will be going back when the time comes for a second. ‘The best things in life aren’t things’. “

    Shana & Diego C.
  • “My husband and I traveled from Arizona to see Dr. Andrew. There isn’t enough good to say about him and his staff. I felt like he really cared about me and I wasn’t just another patient to shuffle through. After seeing multiple doctors Dr. Andrew was the first that I felt really comfortable with. I saw him every appointment and I was never rushed when I had questions. It is such a hard emotional process to go through it made all the difference knowing I had a positive, caring, and compassionate doctor. He was determined to make our dream come true, and that is exactly what he did. We are now pregnant with twins and I consider Dr. Andrew “my hero.” I will definitely be traveling back to Utah when we are ready for our next. Dr. Andrew is definitely where you want to be for your fertility needs. I love the title “Grandma”. Because of Dr. Andrew and his staff I can hear those words again. I attended most of my daughter in laws appointments with her and I can say that Dr. Andrew was professional, knowledgeable, and kind. He has a true passion to help people with their fertility needs. “

  • “Dr. Andrew is a truly inspired doctor. After 6 doctors telling us that nothing was wrong with us, to keep trying, and to relax, we discovered Dr. Andrew. We live in Southern California and couldn’t wait to travel to Provo, Utah, to meet with him. It was refreshing to hear a doctor who actually listened and wanted to find what the problem was. Within the first week of meeting with him, he had figured something out; something that no other doctor had ever taken the time to look in to. Dr. Andrew’s specialized experience and knowledge have truly made a difference in our lives. He and his staff (I absolutely LOVE Loretta) have been so caring throughout this whole process. When I talk with him or someone else in the office, I feel like I’m talking with friends who care and keep track of me individually. I recommend him to anyone I hear is struggling; even friends in California, Nevada, and Arizona. I tell them it’s worth it to go to Dr. Andrew. He has been an answer to our prayers.”

    Natalie S.
  • “Dr Andrew is very caring and compassionate. He and his staff have been wonderful over the last several years I have been a patient. From day one I knew Dr. Andrew was someone that had the knowledge of infertility issues to be able to help me when no one else could discover the problem. He will listen to every concern and question as if you were his only patient. We have been blessed with three beautiful children and will highly recommend Dr Andrew and his staff to anyone who longs to have a family. Even though my infertility treatment days are over I still consider Dr Andrew as my physician as he continues to treat those problems that caused my infertility. If you really want to know what kind of person Dr. Andrew is, make an appointment and go talk to him personally. One visit and you will know you have found the Dr. you have been looking for.”

    Tina D.
  • “There was a time when we wondered if we would be able to have children of our own. We visited other doctors seeking help for infertility and left feeling discouraged and unsure about what to do next. After our first appointment with Dr. Andrew we finally felt hope. After a thorough consultation he quickly diagnosed our situation and outlined treatment options. He carefully explained things in a professional, yet caring way. We have now been blessed with four wonderful children that Dr. Andrew helped make possible. We appreciate his great skills as a physician as well as his compassion and caring during a difficult time for us. He has high success rates and reasonable prices. We definitely recommend him for anyone facing infertility issues.”

    Janice R.
  • “The first time I left Dr Andrews office I left in tears because I felt we had finally found someone who was determined enough to help us achieve our dreams of having children. Unlike others he was determined to make our success, his success. We now have four little boys which was once considered an impossibility. Out of the many physicians that we have seen he is outstanding in both his professionalism and knowledge. He never once made us feel uncomfortable and always considered our input as valuable. At one point he took his own out-of-office time and did research on a rare medical complication I was having and discovered what was needed to make our in vitro a success. He is an excellent doctor and we will always be grateful to him and highly recommend him as “the absolute best in his field”.

    Susan C.
  • “We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Andrew. We tried for 2 years and worked with 2 other doctors before finding Dr. Andrew. When other doctors said there was nothing else they could do, he was able to look at the whole picture. After only 2 stimulation cycles with Dr. Andrew we were able to get pregnant with our wonderful kids. Not only is he a great doctor, he is a great man who talked with us about everything involved with our case, not just the ‘medical’ stuff. He had great bedside manner and was concerned with both my husband’s and my well-being as a whole. I would (and have!) highly recommend working with Dr. Andrew and his staff!”

    Jillian R.
  • “We have three beautiful kids, thanks to the great medical help we received at Dr. Andrews office. We love the staff and the bed side manner of all the employees. We wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.”

    Janice N.
  • “Going to see Dr. Andrew was the best decision I’ve ever made! I am so glad I found him! Infertility can be hard and having a doctor that really cares makes all the difference. He is one of the best in the field and I was not surprised to find that he has the highest sucesss rates in all of Utah for in-vitro!! He is truly passionate and because of that he is among the best in his field! His office nurses are also very kind and make you feel like family!”

  • “My husband and I are so grateful for the Fertility services and Fertility treatments we received at East Bay Fertility and Wellness Center. Dr Andrew helped us get our 4 miracles (one set of twins and two singletons) here and we’ll be forever grateful for his help. When we first went to East Bay Fertility and Wellness Center we were at a tough place in our lives and were looking for answers and really a miracle. Dr Andrew took the time necessary with us to understand our infertility issues and put a plan in place to help us get pregnant. We are quick to refer our friends and family members to East Bay Fertility and Wellness Center and would recommend him to anyone.”

    Lindsey P.
  • “Ethan was born 6 months ago! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Dr Andrew and Staff! Now we are going to Dr Andrew again. That will make it 3 or 4 kids (we’d like to have twins) through Dr Andrew. Thanks again, Dr Andrew. How can we ever repay you for the joy in our lives!! We are eternally grateful!”

    David J.

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