Our center offers PGS & PGD (pre-genetic diagnosis on your embryos) for near 26 different chromosomal mutations.

We also offer genetic testing prior beginning fertility cycles. Our rates range from approximately $3100 to $4000.

Our center specializes in assisting those who have failed > 2 IVF cycles or had recurrent miscarriages! There are new very successful approaches to these issues which we are now able to assist with. Sometimes your embryos are not attaching and staying connected to the uterine wall, other times your egg quality is very poor and needs to improve, and other times your body may be rejecting your normal healthy fetus. If you are under 39 years of age and having these issues, it is highly likely that we may be able to help you.

We have several affordable IVF pricing options.

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At East Bay Fertility Center we share a common goal with you of helping you achieve a successful and healthy pregnancy. Since 1997 we have helped hundreds of couples realize this goal. We have helped bring hundreds of beautiful babies into the world.

high success rates & unmatched patient experience

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