40 year old + Multi IVF cycle savings package: $12,000.00


  • Must be between 39 and 43 years of age
  • Must have a BMI between 19-32
  • Must have sufficient preantral follicle count of at least 4 total preantral
  • Partner must have sufficient healthy sperm for IVF-ICSI
  • Must have normal uterine cavity to support embryos
  • Normal thyroid and prolactin levels within 6 months
  • Current semen analysis
  • Current within 1 year sonohysterogram or hysterosalpingogram

Package includes:

  • Up to 3 traditional IVF-ICSI-embryo transfer cycles within 18 months or
    pregnancy to 10 weeks gestation whichever is first
  • Covers ultrasounds/IVF blood tests/embryology and physician fees in those
  • Does not include PGS/PGD genetic testing (not required in cycles)
  • Does not include medication for the cycles
  • Does not include anesthesia/recovery room nurse costs
  • Does not include pre-IVF screening/testing/consults
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