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What will happen at your first consult?

Bring your partner and the physician at East Bay Fertility Center will review your past fertility history, general medical history and review your symptoms with you. A brief exam and ultrasound are usually performed on your first visit. At that time an assessment of the factors causing infertility will be discussed and a plan developed to follow.

Consults done by phone for out-of-state patients:

A phone review of past medical history, fertility evaluations and treatments covered and a plan can be laid out as long as there is a current history and physical exam by one’s primary care provider, OB, or Reproductive group. Certain fertility tests need to be performed either at our center, another center, or in one’s local hospital if possible. If planning on doing an IVF (in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer) cycle then a separate phone consultation of 20-30 minutes can be done to prepare for an IVF cycle and to have medications arranged for the cycle.

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