Natural Fertility Boosters

 In East Bay Fertility Center

Did you know that simple things such as diet and the type of lubricant you use might help you conceive faster? Our Utah Fertility Specialists at East bay Fertility provide these simple, yet important, tips to help boost your fertility naturally.

Diet and Weight Control

If a woman is not at a healthy weight, it could take longer for her to get pregnant. Maintain a regular exercise routine and healthy diet to make sure your body is at its best when trying to conceive.

This also includes caffeine, alcohol, and smoking. Caffeine consumption when you are trying to conceive is ok in moderation; make sure you limit it to 200 milligrams or less per day. Studies have shown that individuals who drank 2 alcoholic drinks a day decreased their fertility by 60%.

Protect the Sperm

There is no study that ultimately proves that heat exposure harms sperm, however, studies have shown a link in some instances. So if a man wants to become a father, his best bet is to stay away from hot tubs, and other heat exposure on his lap.

Timing is Everything

There is a certain time every month when a woman is able to get pregnant, and it is right around when she ovulates. Figure out when this time is for you and take advantage of it. There are ways to track your ovulation with kits and tracking days on a calendar.

Don’t “Save Up” Sex

If a couple goes a week without having sex, the count might go up, but the motility will decrease. Your best chance of conceiving comes from having daily or every other day intercourse.

No Water-Based Lubricants

Water-based lubricants like KY Jelly because they will inhibit sperm motility by up to 100%. Canola oil or any oil-based lubricant, such as Prospered, is the best type to use.

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