Common Myths About Infertility

 In East Bay Fertility Center

MYTH: Infertility is rare, and male infertility is even more rare

Infertility is quite common; one in six couples will experience it. It is such a sensitive topic though, that many people do not talk about it, which is probably why you feel like you might be the only one. Also, almost half of couples that deal with infertility are due to the males infertility.

MYTH: You should try to conceive for a year before you see a doctor

Couples who are struggling to conceive should not wait a year before they see a doctor. If the woman is over 35, has a history of irregular periods or men with a history of infection or trauma to the groin should be evaluated immediately.

MYTH: Infertility treatments are all expensive

Depending on your diagnosis, the treatments and their costs will vary. Talk to our Utah Fertility Specialists about treatment options and payment plans.

MYTH: Age won’t affect fertility

When a woman is born, she has 2 million eggs, and will lose over half of them before she reaches puberty. After the age of 35, the egg reserve takes an even more rapid decline.

MYTH: Infertility is all psychological

Some people say “infertility is all in your head.” They try to tell you to stop worrying about it and you will get pregnant. However, infertility is an actual disease of the reproductive system, and it won’t be cured with changing your thoughts.

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