Ways to Help a Marriage Through Infertility

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Infertility is a huge stressor to individuals and marriages alike. It is a tough time, and support is a much needed thing to keep you and your marriage strong.

Our Utah Fertility Specialists offer this list of things you can do to protect your marriage through infertility.


When no communication takes place, assumptions take over. You can start o assume how your spouse is thinking and feeling, and those assumptions might not be accurate. Take time to truly listen to one another. Have open and fulfilling conversations often, and never be afraid to say exactly how you are feeling.

Let Go Of Negativity

Negativity breeds negativity, and resentment can ruin a good marriage. When you struggle with something like infertility, it is normal to not feel great every moment of the day. However, remember that what you are going through will not last forever, and nothing truly great comes easy. Whenever a negative thought comes to your mind, try using positive affirmations to let negativity and resentment go.

Don’t Let Routine Take Over

With charts and timing, sex can easily become mechanical and routine. Sex will become less meaningful if you forget to be spontaneous. TO make sex more passionate, try being creative, try having sex without thinking of creating a baby. Remember when you first got married and how fun it was to be spontaneous with one another, try to get back to that time in your life.

Dream Other Dreams

With something as important as trying to conceive, other dreams and hobbies can easily take the back burner. Staying busy with other hobbies and interests though will keep your mind focused and occupied on things that make you happy.

Be The Strong One

There will be times when each of you will feel weak, sad, and hopeless. In times like these, where your partner is feeling down, you need to be prepared to be the strong one. You are each others rock, remember your commitment to one another and refuse to give up on each other.

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