Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS)

 In East Bay Fertility Center

PCOS: do you have it or a variation of it effecting your life or fertility? PCOS is believed to be genetically passed and near 8% of all females have it, near 40% of all female factor infertility is related to PCOS.

Maybe your not the classic polycystic i.e. overweight, male pattern hair distribution, few or no menstrual periods in a year, acne, high testosterone levels, pre-diabetic or diabetic, increasing carbohydrate cravings, high cholesterol and triglycerides, high LH:FSH ratio, recurrent ovarian cysts, thickened ovarian capsule, acanthosis nigricans, central obesity and large ovaries peppered with pre-antral follicles.

There is significant controversy over what constitutes someone with polycystic ovarian disease and criteria differs in America vs Europe. A significant number of individuals are missed or unassisted because they don’t meet these classic symptoms. It is my own theory that there is wide variation in PCOS and its true name should be insulin resistant ovarian androgen hypersensitivity syndrome (IROAHS). If the criteria for PCOS is too specific then a number of individuals that respond hormonally similar to someone with PCOS and yet do not make criteria for such, miss out on helpful options in improving their own health, fertility, and wellbeing.

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