How to reduce costs and emotional heartache with Fertility Issues

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This Month I am writing on a variety of fertility issues which can be helpful in reducing cost and emotional heartache.

Avoid wasting time doing more intrauterine inseminations than 3 unless something significant has changed between them such as treatment of endometriosis or re-opened fallopian tubes, varicocele repair, or other improvement in sperm quality.  Doing intrauterine inseminations in natural non-medicated cycles is often a waste of time and money as alone it adds little benefit unless 2 or more mature follicles develop which better improves one’s chance of conception.  There are several reproductive articles out there, which discuss only a 3-4% increase in pregnancy rates alone unless added to ovulation induction cycles.

Single day 21 progesterone levels and basal body temperature charts do not prove ovulation nor do regular menstrual cycles.  Although one may be having regular menstrual cycle intervals, they may not always ovulate and some may be ovulating but rarely.

Taking care of one’s general health often can improve one’s fertility, including better lifestyle and appropriate nutrition, avoiding high amounts of processed foods and reducing high glycemic index types of foods.

Always check both husband and wife at the same time as I have often seen over the years one sided fertility treatment for long periods of time only to find out that their partner was as bad or worse off than they were and significantly contributing to their fertility issues.

Avoid trying to conceive around the most stressful of life’s circumstances, i.e. building a new home, death in the immediate family, extreme financial stresses, divorce of parents, new job, and any other significant stressful or anxious times.

This year at East Bay Fertility Center we have enjoyed unprecedented fertility success, we continue to have a wonderful very compassionate staff.  Over the years there have been significant hurdles to get through but in recent years amazing advances and opportunities have come.  Thanks to all who have contributed to the team’s success.  Many of you have brought your new addition (s) to your family to our office and we are so grateful to see them and share in your excitement.

This year some of our team went to Kosovo and performed many IVF cycles and recently some of our team went down to Zion’s National Park and participated in a slot canyon adventure with friends and family

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