High Pregnancy Success Rates

81% average pregnancy success rate for ages 35 and under for the last 10 years.83% average pregnancy success rate in 2023 for all ages under 43 from frozen embryo transfer cycles.


Affordable Pricing

We feel that everyone should be able to afford services that will help give them the chance of pregnancy.

We Value Our Patients

Our center is focused on quality personal patient care. Our goal is a healthy pregnancy while improving your general sense of well-being. Our caring physician and staff value your needs and will spend the time necessary with each  couple to help you understand your options and formulate a treatment plan to optimize your success.

Our center specializes in assisting those who have failed > 2 IVF cycles or had recurrent miscarriages! There are new very successful approaches to these issues which we are now able to assist with. Sometimes your embryos are not attaching and staying connected to the uterine wall, other times your egg quality is very poor and needs to improve, and other times your body may be rejecting your normal healthy fetus. If you are having these issues, it is likely that we can help you.

We are an accepting and caring facility, helping all who want to build a family. You will not be discriminated against here. We have a successful and happy history of helping a wide variety of individuals have the children they dream of. East Bay Fertility does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), language, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation. All are welcome here.


Amazingnew way to help

you lose inches, get rid of fat, & Improve

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Twins having Twins

New Sperm Wash Device

Now using a newly FDA approved sperm wash device which in studies has been shown to double insemination pregnancy success. We are the first to use this device in Utah since its approval; it reduces sperm fragmentation which improves pregnancy success.

high success rates & unmatched patient experience



  • Dr. Andrew is a truly inspired doctor. After 6 doctors telling us that nothing was wrong with us, to keep trying, and to relax, we discovered Dr. Andrew. We live in Southern California and couldn’t wait to travel to Provo, Utah, to meet with him.

    Natalie S.
  • My husband and I traveled from Arizona to see Dr. Andrew. There isn’t enough good to say about him and his staff. I felt like he really cared about me and I wasn’t just another patient to shuffle through. After seeing multiple doctors Dr. Andrew was the first that I felt really…

  • When we want something, we do our research to find the best of that thing we want. Infertility specialists are no exception. My husband and I had been trying for 10 years, 8 years before my OB told me, “you’ve got to stop, and seek a different route. This just isn’t working.” For the last…

    Shana & Diego C.

Offering Hope

At East Bay Fertility and Wellness Center we share a common goal with you of helping you achieve a successful and healthy pregnancy. Since 1997 we have helped hundreds of couples realize this goal. We have helped bring hundreds of beautiful babies into the world.

we want to help you!

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