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2 In Vitro Fertilization Cycle Guaranteed Pregnancy*

*pregnancy is viable fetus to the 9th week of gestation.

We require you to complete both IVF cycles within 1 year unless you conceive the with the first IVF cycle. Our guarantee is that if you do not conceive within 2 completed IVF cycles you will be refunded $1,000 if you chose the Minimal Stimulation Plus Guaranteed Pregnancy option or $2,000 if you chose the Traditional Guaranteed Pregnancy option.

Qualifications for In Vitro success guarantee plan:

Our lab must be able to use ICSI at their discretion to optimize fertilization

The couple must have failed fewer than 3 prior IVF cycles in their history

The patient must have a normal uterine cavity within the last year based on sonohysterogram, hysterosalpingogram, or hysteroscopy, and a normal endometrial stripe>7mm midcycle.

The patient must be physically and emotionally healthy enough to carry a pregnancy

The patient must not have a hydrosalpinx present

The patient providing the oocytes must have an FSH<10 and an antral follicle count >10

Treatment cycles requiring PGD or known recurrent aborters are excluded from this plan

A minimum of 2 embryos will be transferred and the couple must agree to have both embryos transferred in a fresh IVF cycle before the cycle is considered complete

The man must be capable of producing sperm in his ejaculate and in obtaining a sufficient sperm/semen sample at the time of the egg retrieval or use donor sperm if necessary in order to qualify

The patient must have a BMI<31 or have an endometrial stripe which can be visualized and identified enough to perform ultrasound guided embryo transfer.

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